Answered By: LaRita Schandorff
Last Updated: Apr 06, 2017     Views: 5

Once you are no longer affiliated with the university you do not have remote access to digital materials unless they are open source and since we are no longer receiving tuition from you, we cannot offer you our interlibrary loan services. And even if you were still a student here, we cannot request ebooks from other libraries because there is no common platform among all libraries for sharing ebooks.

That said, you DO have some other options. Look through the list below and see if any of these will work for you.

  • If we own an ebook (and we do NOT own this one) you can access and read the ebook any time you are physically in our library using the guest wifi.  While you are in the library you could download the book onto your device to read off-line and it will remain on your device's hard drive for (I think) 4 weeks, then disappear. To "renew it" you'd have to come back to the library and download again.


  • If you are a card holder at a public library you have interlibrary loan service through them. Although ebooks are not available for interlibrary loan there is a print edition of this book that you could request instead.
  • Buy used - check the used book stores in your area. The first printing was in 1981, but it must be pretty popular because it has been reprinted at least 4 times by the same publisher. That means there's plenty out there on the aftermarket shelf.
  • Buy used from Amazon. Looks like a brand new hard copy could be had for only $10.